Hi, I help parents make choices regarding education by having conversations about how we actually learn, and finding solutions in how to apply these principles to your family context.

Life Of Learning Podcast

In this podcast I seek to uncover the principles of how humans learn and explore how these can be lived out in my own life and wider society.

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How We Learn

How We Learn

Discover the research on how human beings learn and what this will mean for the way that you educate your children. Find out what learning through play actually means and how it can be achieved practically.

Transferring Values

Transferring Values

Whether you value reading, writing and maths or whether there are other family values you wish to pass on. Understand the principles behind how this can best be achieved.

Education And Society

Education And Society

Understand and discuss why our society thinks the way it does about education, children, schooling and parenting. The key to changing the future is understanding the past and present.

Becoming Independent

Becoming Independent

Discover the principles as to how children can move from dependence to independence. Discuss options for continued learning as children become independent whether this involves, work, apprenticeships, tertiary education (university or polytech), entrepreneurship, and/or starting a family of their own.



Understand the principles behind the social interactions of children and how socialisation can be achieved outside of school.

Coercion Free

Coercion Free

Discover how you can make learning a fun win-win situation for everybody involved without using coercion or force. Make learning more enjoyable and easy and with less stress and worries.

We Are Always Learning

“Learning is the process of acquiring new, or modifying existing, knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences.” (Wikipedia definition) We are always learning. There is never a time whenRead more

The Art Of Principled Negotiation

“Oh, it’s already eight o’clock. You’re supposed to be in bed by eight. Quick, off you go.” “But I don’t want to go to bed.” “Eight o’clock is your bedtime. Come on, get yourself Read more

Can We Justify Using Rewards?

This is what long summer evenings are all about. A lovely summer salad for dinner, followed by some games and eventually relaxing on a couch enjoying conversation with friends. As can often be the caRead more

Understanding Sensitive And Resilient Children

The Orchid: A colourful and fragrant flower that, while occurring naturally, is often specially cultivated and cared for. Many varieties of orchid are a challenge to grow even for professional growerRead more

Of Mice And Men (And Urbanisation)

People who become more free tend to have less loyalty towards a collective such as an organisation. Instead, these people will show greater loyalty to real people that they know at a personal levelRead more

Autonomy Is Not The Antithesis Of Community

In a recent podcast (Collectives Are Not Entities), I mentioned that a big reason why people still choose to work in companies is that they provide security. The company looks after them, so toRead more

The Difference Between ‘More Freedom’ And Freedom

Motivation, it’s what we need in all our learning and development as human beings. But how are humans motivated? What drives them? This is the topic of Daniel H. Pink’s book ‘Drive: TheRead more

Incidental Inspiration

One of the most essential activities that humans like to engage in is learning. To learn we must be motivated by something, and for the most part, that means being inspired by someone. Now as humans Read more

The Causes of ADD/ADHD

The Causes of ADD/ADHD by Justus Frank Delving into the world of disorders has been fascinating. Figuring out the principles behind what is going on with ADD in particular, but also many disorders inRead more

Child-led Education?

The question of child-led education came up in a recent email I received and is becoming something that is discussed more often. It certainly is encouraging to see adults beginning to show greaterRead more

Why Is Purpose And Direction So Elusive?

Link: Why Is Purpose And Direction So Elusive? What is it about our formative years, particularly in school, that causes so many of us to stumble around without a clear purpose or sense ofRead more

An Explanation For Why We Don’t Learn From Others In A Debate

Link to:  An Explanation For Why We Don’t Learn From Others In A Debate Understanding the implications that come from understanding the differences between a debate and a conversation has been anRead more