Learning to build a Tiny House

Well, what a learning journey this tiny home build has been so far. It's had its crazy moments and I've learnt so much about building, how we learn, who I am, problem solving, getting back up after multiple setbacks, and even a lawsuit. Check out the photos below to see the development over time. Still some way to go but it is now liveable.

Big thanks to my brother-in-law, Brian, for his guidance, advice, help and inspiration.
It's been interesting linking this experience to my business as it really feels good to apply the philosophy and advice that I give to others to my own learning as well. We can often box ourselves into the type of person we think we are only to find we are truly capable of so much more. To know that we can create and build (literally!) our own life. To be inspired and to push the boundaries of expectations so that we can be an inspiration to others.
Thanks to all that have helped, inspired and encouraged along the way!