Dr Jordan Peterson in Christchurch

It was great to go see Dr Jordan B Peterson last night and encouraging to see that many people from Christchurch attend.

A bit over a year ago what Jordan Peterson said greatly influenced a massive change in my life. I was trying to find direction in my life and in some video Jordan Peterson was asked how to figure out what to do with your life. I'm paraphrasing, but his answer was something like,
"Think of something you care about, then think of a problem in that area that you care about, then don't complain and hope that someone else will fix it or the government will fix it. Become that person who solves that problem."
As I realised I was capable of solving problems and that those problems that I cared about might be up to me to do something about, it changed everything and my whole life direction. The last year and a half or so has been the most incredible part of my life by far. The purpose and direction that I've found now for my life is unlike anything I've experienced before. I know well how fortunate I am to have this.
I've talked to so many who, while they sort of enjoy their job, don't find much purpose in it and is mostly there to provide money for those things they do in their leisure time. So many seem to have this disconnect between their work and purpose in life and this results in people basically following some form of hedonism, often "working for the weekend" type mentality.
But when you do find real direction and purpose to your life and you know where you are going it's amazing how everything, every bit of work, every interaction and conversation, all start adding to where you are taking your life. Everything becomes learning to where you want to go.