Helicopter Parenting

A fascinating recent article here titled; Helicopter parenting works, but is it worth the price?

Yes, it is true. Statistically speaking the higher the qualification, the higher the person's income. But the real question is why? Unless you understand the mechanics of how the education system works you will be forever in fierce competition with those around you and getting frustrated at the results.

If you are the one person who stands up at a concert, you get a better view. If everyone stands up, your view is no better than before but probably worse. You can keep escalating things (jumping on someone's shoulders or knocking down those in front of you) but then your life becomes focused on beating others and comparing yourself to them, no longer on the concert.

In education, this competition leads to rampant cheating among students, "easy A's", and ever-escalating school needs of "more resources", to name a few.

With a thorough understanding of how the system works you can then also make better and more informed choices to get the results you want without simply following the crowd's win-lose type competition.

How much money are you going to throw at education to give your children a "successful" start at life?
How exhausted are willing to make yourself and your kids to get them ahead in this race?


Are you ready to rethink education? 
Are you ready to not just be another participant in the education rat-race?