"Who's going to teach the children if I do up and leave?"

MP tells 'undervalued' teacher to look for a new job

Have to say, Wairarapa MP Alastair Scott is spot on. If you don't like the terms your employer is offering you after negotiation talks, then leave.
If you still want to be involved in the lives of children and education there are other paths to take other than working in a government school. Work at a private school, do tutoring, home education support, activity centres, not to mention starting your own school or other educational business. Yes, those last two options, in particular, are hard, very hard! I know and I hear you, but when was life supposed to be easy and a great job just handed to you on a platter? To complain that life is not as easy as you'd like it to be is not someone else's problem to solve.
Southall, the teacher in the article, wondered what Scott thought would happen if teachers left the public system en masse.
"Who's going to teach your kids if I do up and leave?
I know that I am a good teacher and kids need good teachers in front of them. No-one's going to be stepping up and filling that role if we do leave," she said.
People seem to like to point to doomsday scenarios where everyone sits around helplessly. If teachers really did leave en masse would Alex really sit around helplessly and do nothing? Would she not support any of the private initiatives that would spring up to take its place?
Wishing something will happen does not make things happen. Yes, it may be nice to wish that there were enough money floating round to give you everything you want but if there is no more money left for education currently, then there is no more money. Demanding that there needs to be will not make it suddenly appear no matter how loudly or forcefully you make those demands.
As for the "what about the children?" line that seems to get pulled out every time, let me say this straight: Asking the government to go into further debt or raise taxes to pay for your salary is not for the benefit of the children. It is selfish because as this country goes further into debt and/or prices rise as taxes rise, it's going to be those children that pay the price. It'll be those children that can't afford to buy a house or have a family. You think it's hard for you to find a job? It's going to get much harder for them.
So Alex, do you want to do something for the children? Then quit your job and find a way to love and support children without taking away their future. There are some great initiatives out there, many who are being held back by the monopoly of government schools. Think outside the box and let's bring real value back to our children.