This is just a short introduction but have a look around the website, or even better, have a chat with me and feel free to ask all the questions you’d like.

I was born in Germany but my family and I immigrated to New Zealand in my early years. I grew up here in New Zealand and went to the local public schools.

Reaching the end of high school, I wasn’t sure where I should take my life next. As many young people do in this situation, I went to university. There I completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Music. After that I tried an odd assortment of things from dairy farming to house renovating to travelling to social work. Eventually, I returned to university to study primary school teaching. I taught for four-and-a-half years before getting frustrated with the ways of schooling and what it was doing to the children and what it was doing to me as a person.

I then traveled around Europe mainly swing dancing and skiing. The latter activity in particular played a part in bringing me back to reality as a skiing accident left me with a broken shoulder. This also brought me back to New Zealand and although I had been listening and reading many interesting things it was only on returning here that brought about the biggest changes. I knew that I was not confident and my mind and direction was still very fragmented. I made the effort to start engaging anyone and everyone in deep and honest conversations. This process of using reflection and conversation to change my life is what I promote through this website. I started to gain a more coherent picture of the direction that I wanted to take my life and the steps I might need to take to get there. This has included my educational consultancy business

I continued to have conversations with others on the topic of purpose and direction. Many of these people very much welcomed and valued a chance to talk about and probe these issues. They found these conversations with me to be very helpful to them and so in a sense, this website is simply an extension of the help I have been able to provide others already. I find that people truly are fascinating and I hope to engage many more people in this topic, including you who are reading this.



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