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Book your first FREE session. Find a slot over the next few days when it would suit you to chat. 

If you are interested in private consultations, this first session will start our conversation and allow me to hear more about your background and if we are going to be a good fit in working together. The session also allows us to put together a strategy of how we can work together most effectively by taking into account your priorities, availability, and willingness to invest in the process.

If you are wanting to come onto the podcast please try to let me know some detail about you beforehand. You must be willing for the podcast to be made publicly available. I reserve the right to publish the conversation or not. Should there be any sensitive material covered that you do not want to share publicly, this will be edited out.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist nor a psychotherapist as I hold no qualifications in these areas. If you do have serious problems talk to a trained psychologist.

However, if, due to this website or a previous encounter with me, you feel that a conversation with me would be helpful then I am available to talk.


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