Just Frank Conversations

Using Conversation To Explore Purpose And Direction

On this website you'll hear me talk a lot about conversations. I believe that conversations can be both powerful in clarifying our thinking and useful in developing new thinking. I would like to chat with you either in a private consultation or you are welcome to come on my Life Of Learning podcast as a guest.

I seek to engage with you in the following areas:

  • How do I live a life where I am continually learning and growing into a person I can feel excited about?
  • How do I live free in an unfree world?
  • Explore, how did I get to where I am now? Why is it that I am feeling a lack of purpose in the first place?
  • Who am I as a person? What makes me unique? How can I use my unique life story to add value to the world around me?
  • What are some of my deepest desires for my life? Not what other people say my desires should be, but what they are actually.
  • What are my convictions? Do my actions match my convictions? If not, why not?
  • What relationships do I want? Explore the principles behind how human relationships function using reason, evidence and research.
  • How do I create and build a family that is going to be a lasting and valuable part of my life?
  • What aspects of myself are holding me back? Let's explore them and seek to understand where they come from and how to deal with them.
  • How can I make my life less fragmented and disconnected? I feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions.
  • How do I find a way to use everything I do to be beneficial to the direction I want to take my life?
  • and more...

Hope to talk to you soon!


Do You Want A Less Disconnected Life?

Do you have an overall direction to life? Or do you feel that the various parts of your life disconnected, that they're not leading anywhere in a cohesive manner?


"Conversations with Justus have reshaped how I think and act. I feel truly confident and content for the first time in my life. This is in large part because I have a much clearer idea of the things that bring me meaning and joy and how I can add value to the lives of people in my world.
Justus has a wonderful ability to judge what the right question is at the right time. His questions have been useful tools, as I have reflected on where I am headed in life and how my beliefs and attitudes impact what I say and do.
While I have taken many things away from conversations from Justus, one comment he made will stick with me for life: ā€œI regard every conversation as a win-win situation.ā€ By that, he meant he has both something to offer in every conversation and something to learn from every conversation. As I have applied this idea in the conversations I have with others, I have discovered how much richer conversations can be.
If you, like me, want to figure out what the overall purpose to your life is, as well as how to build deep and lasting relationships, I highly recommend having a chat with Justus."



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